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The Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA) Department is a division of Finance and Administration at the Knoxville campus. We work to ensure the proper financial administration of projects for which University of Tennessee (UT) faculty and staff have received external funding. Our department handles the post-award administration of these projects and coordinates our efforts with the Office of Sponsored Programs, which is responsible for pre-award project administration.


In support of UT’s mission of instruction, research, and public service, we facilitate excellence in all aspects of the financial administration of sponsored projects.


  • Establish all restricted Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) elements for sponsored projects and gift accounts that are not related to endowment funds.
  • Provide accurate and timely invoices and financial reports to sponsors.
  • Ensure the rapid collection of all monies owed to UT under these awards.
  • Ensure accurate application of sponsored projects payments to the appropriate outstanding invoices or directly to the appropriate WBS elements.
  • Provide regulatory guidance to principal investigators, department heads, and departmental accounting staff.
  • Request and distribute funds from federal agencies under letter of credit system.
  • Act as primary point of contact for external audits.
  • Provide training to university personnel on accounting procedures for sponsored projects.