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Previous Announcements (Archive)

Below are previous posts from our “Recent Announcements” page. Posts are listed in reverse chronological order.

Supplemental Procedure to Fiscal Policy FI0205

Beginning July 2019, departments will be required to attach documentation showing that prior written approval has been received when posting equipment to a sponsored project. The supporting documentation can consist of proposal, approved budget justification, or an approved Award Action Form. In addition to attaching prior approval, SPA’s compliance team will monitor 100% of all equipment transactions charged to sponsored projects each quarter for compliance with the new process. Find out more about this change by visiting UTK’s Office of Budget and Finance Policy Page or reading our latest newsletter.

UT-Battelle E-Invoicing Announcement

SPA and the IRIS team have partnered to implement paperless invoicing for cost-reimbursable UT-Battelle awards effective April 1, 2019. UT-Battelle represents almost half of SPA’s cost-type invoicing volume at just over 300 invoices per month.  Implementing paperless invoicing will automate a significant number of invoices while reducing our environmental impact.  Additionally, e-invoicing will position SPA to support even more growth in the future as we continue to build our strategic relationship with UT-Battelle.  Enhancing the University’s partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory is an executive priority, and we are pleased to support this initiative in an automated and environmentally sustainable manner. Read our official announcement HERE. Read how to view new UT-B invoices automatically attached in IRIS HERE.

New Schedule of Final Charges (SFC) Form

We have updated the SFC form for security purposes. Older versions of the form will no longer be accepted as of 03/01/2019. Please contact if you have any questions.

Welcome, New Staff!

Victoria Sloan, Teri Walker, and Angelique Watson have recently joined our SPA family. We’d like to extend a warm UT welcome to them. View our updated contact information HERE

Policy on Inventions and Creations

On 08/07/2018, the Office of the Chancellor sent an email to all faculty and staff asking them to review and sign the existing BT0024 UT Board Policy regarding the disclosure and ownership of inventions made using federal funding. For more information, please refer to the original email content found HERE.

UT Knoxville GDPR Compliance

UT’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) released a statement about the European Union’s recently enacted privacy law called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR has a very broad scope and requires covered organizations to put significant safeguards in place regarding the collection, use, and processing of personal data of individuals located in the EU. Unlike previous EU privacy laws, the GDPR is applicable to organizations (including universities) based in the United States. Accordingly, the GDPR will apply to personal data generated by any person physically located in the EU if that data will be controlled or processed by the University of Tennessee.

Read more about UT Knoxville GDPR Compliance HERE